Case Study: A Baker’s Dream

"When we came into the picture, this house was still in the framing stage. This was just a wooden structure. It was a larger project that included a kitchen, three bathrooms and a kitchenette in the basement. We loved helping her choose not only her cabinets, but also her countertops, paint and trim colours and a functional hood fan.

We were able to incorporate a beautiful custom design and more functionality for day-to-day use and her business. "


Designer: Jazmyn Strydom

Species: Kitchen: Maple, Bathrooms and basement kitchen: Oak

Door Style: PP333

Finish: Truffle

Premiums: N/A


On top of starting from the ground up on this one, there were a few different challenges with this project. The first was making the main kitchen a working kitchen for her baking business. She preferred less vertical storage space so we wanted to keep that in mind when it came to the design. We also had to work two ovens into the design of this slightly smaller space, making it look great while ensuring we adhered to building codes. We wanted to make her wish list a reality!


We wanted to create a practical and useful design plan so our client could use this for her baking business now and into the future. We chose cupboards along the bottom, as well as columns on the island, that were flat and streamlined so there would be less nooks and crannies making them easier to clean. We included separate bins for her flour and sugar storage and tall drawers with partitions to organize all of her baking pans. We built a bulkhead and used less height storage in the kitchen, incorporating more drawers into the design. In the bathrooms, we did the same and even built the ensuite fully custom in comfort height. Since she loved to sit down to look at her recipes,

we were able to work in a desk area for her to sit down at to read her cookbooks.
Working in the hood fan with the two ovens was a bit more challenging, but we were able to keep them close together, which is what she wanted, making them both accessible and adhering to the building code. The kitchenette in the basement was important to the owner since it would provide another space for her to clean her dishes and pans and it would be closer to where she ground her flour. These all ended up being great solutions that the homeowners were really happy with. We really enjoyed working side by side with these homeowners to make this the kitchen of their dreams!