Case Study: Timeless Transformation

"A kitchen renovation for a senior couple looking for a beautiful custom design and more functionality for day-to-day use that included lighting under the cabinets, as well as subtle toe-kick lighting. "



Designer: A new kitchen for a senior couple looking for more functionality and quality design.

Species: HDF

Door Style: MFP5440

Finish: Distant Grey

Premiums: N/A


1. Bulkhead in the kitchen.
2. The female homeowner was shorter in height, so we wanted to make sure the kitchen was accessible and worked for her.
3. It was a smaller space so we wanted to make sure we used it as effectively as possible.


1. The cabinet heights were brought down under the bulkhead, but made an inch deeper, expanding from our standard 12” depth to 13”. The crown molding lined up perfectly with the bulkhead making it less noticeable.
2. Since she was a bit shorter in height, we lowered the cabinets to better suit her needs and make them more functional. We also designed additional counter and prep space that was tailored to her height.
3. We did a few things to make the most of the space:
a. We added in banks of drawers throughout the kitchen, including a corner bank of drawers.
b. We included some servo-drive drawers, which automatically open when you push on them with your hands or with your hips or legs if your hands happen to be full.
c. We incorporated a blind corner cabinet to ensure no wasted space.
d. We built a seating area with storage space instead of just the normal table and chairs.