Case Study: Refined Country Living

"I was working with a very organized client who wanted to make the best use of each space in terms of storage and aesthetics. She has a great eye for design and color."


Designer: Joyce Neufeld

Species: Maple

Door Style: Perimeter: FP530, Island RP530

Finish: Perimeter: Custom stain color
Island: Willow/Pewter glaze

Premiums: Tandem drawer boxes with Orgaline inserts


The client’s wish list included a custom hood, a unique island, cabinets to fill irregular-shaped niches, a custom cabinet color, and above all “a place for everything, and everything in its place”.


With Decor’s customizable cabinets we were able to fulfill our client’s wishes for specific cabinet sizes and shapes. Our finishing department produced a custom stain color for the kitchen perimeter. Tandem drawer boxes with Orgaline inserts made organizing a breeze.