Choosing a Door Style for Your Kitchen

We often get asked which door style is the best. While some may be easier to clean than others it ultimately depends on the design style you are wanting to achieve for your home. Below are some popular door styles to consider.


Slab doors have a European influence with modern clean lines and a minimalistic approach. This door is very easy to keep clean. Slab doors can be seen in mid-century modern, Scandinavian, and Contemporary design.


I consider shaker to be a classic door style as it can be used in transitional and traditional designs. This door style is very popular and won’t go out of style. For a more traditional look you can use a shaker door that has more detailed stiles and rails.

Slim Shaker

Slim shaker is a newer door style that bridges the gap between slab and shaker. It is perfect for someone who wants a bit more detail than a slab door without being as heavy as a shaker. This door would be great for a transitional space.

Glass/Mesh Doors

Decorative doors are a great way to break up cabinetry and add character to your space. If you are concerned with your cabinetry looking too heavy on a wall using glass doors is perfect for breaking the space up while keeping a balanced feel.

Combo Doors

Still can’t decide. Why not do a combination of door styles! You can pair a shaker door with a slab door and get the best of both worlds.

Browse through more of our door options to find your perfect style. 

Jayda Melnic

Jayda joined the Two30nine team in April 2024. She got into kitchen design in 2020 after completing the Residential Decorating course at Red River College. She believes that design is a powerful tool for communication and storytelling. 

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