The Beauty of Smart Storage

For many of us, kitchens are where we spend most of our time, cooking family meals, entertaining, and simply hanging out with friends and family. However, many people when they picture kitchens, will think of the mess, chaos and disorganization that often comes along with high traffic and highly used spaces.

However, these days the options for beautiful, yet functional storage options are endless, that allow these high use spaces to stay organized and easy to use. They are the heart of the home, so it’s important to have them to be enjoyable spaces.

Here are some of our favourite beautiful, yet highly functional storage options for kitchens that we use time and time again.

Corner Storage Systems

Traditionally, corner cabinets have been nightmare inducing areas in the kitchen. These days, the options for corner storage solutions allow a previously frustrating and hard to use space in the kitchen, a preferred storage spot.

Lemans: This corner storage solution solves the biggest complaint about corner storage we hear. These bean shaped shelves rotate and pullout in one easy gliding motion, to bring all of the contents of the corner cabinet out to you, to display everything you have stored without having to bend, reach or dig.

Lazy Susans: Lazy Susan’s, or sometimes referred to as Super Susan’s now, are a new take on a classic corner cabinet piece. Unlike traditional lazy Susan’s, these rotating pie cut wood trays come shelf mounted eliminating the centre pole that prevented any larger items from being stored. While locating smaller items a breeze with easy rotation. To really optimize these corners, add interior integrated lighting to make sure finding what you need is as easy as possible!

Appliance Garages

These days, there is an abundance of small appliances available to us. While we all want the newest technology to make cooking and baking as easy as possible, these smaller appliances often end up overrunning our countertops, creating clutter, and taking over our prep spaces. Appliance garages are an easy way to dedicate an area of your kitchen to these small appliances, so they don’t take over your space!

Pocket door appliance garage: One of our most popular solutions for small appliance storage are the pocket door systems. While closed, these cabinets blend seamlessly with the rest of your kitchen cabinets. When opened, these doors slide out of the way pocketing neatly into your cabinets to allow full access to some of your most useful kitchen gadgets.

Lift-up appliance garage: Another fun solution is the lift-up cabinet. These don’t require any space to dedicate to the pocket systems, so they allow you to maximize your storage. With one easy lifting motion, the cabinet door lifts up, and out of the way.

Bifold door appliance garage: This is a great option for wide appliance cabinets. Similar to bifold closets, these doors slide open and closed on a track system to easily hide away your appliances. These make for a great coffee bar area!


One of our most common kitchen features are pullouts of all kinds. Pullouts solve the common issue of having to bend, reach or take out multiple items to access items at the back of the cabinet.

Spice/ shelf pullouts: these pullouts are a unique way to store some of your most used items. They are a favourite location for spices, oils, and baking supplies. Some of your most used cooking items are easily displayed on adjustable shelves, right where you need them.

Pantry pullouts: Pantry pullouts are a great way to optimize your storage in tall deep cabinets. No more losing items at the back of your pantry, never to be found again. Our pantry pullouts are highly customizable, allowing you to choose how many, the height of the pullouts, and their location for each cabinet.

Garbage/recycling pullouts: One of the most requested kitchen features are the highly functional garbage and recycling pullouts. You can choose how many bins and the size you require to suit your family’s needs. Opt to add a 6” drawer on top or conceal an interior pullout to maximize this cabinet’s function!

Inserts & Dividers

To really improve your kitchen organization, it’s important to make your standard cabinet doors and drawers work hard for you! Cabinet inserts are a great way to make typical cabinets beautiful and functional.

Knife block/cutlery dividers: These drawer inserts make sure everything has a home in your space. Use these inserts to easily organize some of your most used items in your kitchen!

Utensil dividers: Instead of a utensil holder on your counter that takes up counter space and is prone to tipping over, our large utensil dividers let you choose how many width and depth dividers make sense for you and the size of the drawer. No more digging through a disorganized drawer to find whisks, tongs, and spatulas!

Tray dividers: tray dividers are a great addition to slim base cabinets, fridge cabinets, or any deep cabinet. With the ability to add and remove the dividers that come on a sliding peg system, these cabinets will suit whatever you need to store. Perfect for baking sheets, serving platters and pizza pans.

Planning ahead for what smart storage solutions make sense for your space and needs during the design process will ensure that your space is highly customized to how you use your kitchen, keep your counters and cabinets organized, while allowing the beauty of your new space to really shine!

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